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Originally Posted by desertrider View Post
Had a great time. I drove way back to the other side of the hill, not quite so crowded back there and didn't have to share my spot, so no worries about the firing line "moving".

The place is pretty trashed right now, a clean up is definitely in order. This is how my spot looked when I arrived........

Brought out an assortment of goodies to have fun with, G21 not pictured 'cause it was holstered the whole time.....

I was out there from about 7:30 until about noon. Saw quite a few trucks drive by to find spots to shoot. Oddly enough, didn't see any of the ones who left hauling out any garbage, and all the shooting spots had plenty of trash.

This is how my spot looked when I left.....

Each time I went out to check/change my target I brought some trash back to the truck, it really didn't take that much effort. Pretty sad really, when you consider that I'm old, fat, out of shape, and basically disabled.

My haul on the way out.....

If i ever see that truck there, I swear i'll walk up and shake your hand and offer you some ammo! Thanks big red truck guy~