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Originally Posted by retired View Post
Be advised also, that per the leo rangers who were at the first clean up, shooting at the lower area is against the law and you may be cited. The reasons is that area is not 150yrds. from the road as required.

Yes, I know a lot of people shoot there, especially those whose vehicles won't make it up the hill, but per them, it is still illegal. Just a fyi.
From the BLM site:

Where may I not shoot while on BLM lands?

Do not shoot from or on a public road or highway, or from a motor vehicle. Do not shoot in the direction of any road, hiking trail or parking area. Do not shoot across a road, trail, or wash.

Shooting is prohibited: within one mile of all campgrounds and developed recreation sites; within 150 yards (300 yards within Riverside County) of any man-made structure, home, barn, outbuilding, motor home, camper, or any inhabited area;or within 100 yards of any roadway. Since it is prohibited to drive that far off existing roads, you must be prepared to safely hike to your chosen shooting location.
Still, that area is well within 100 yds of the road. That last sentence is also interesting, never considered that bit.....

There's actually a shooting clinic that uses that area, I recall seeing them by the front over the past few years. Them and plenty of other people. I've chatted to them before, nice guys, would hate to see them get a ticket. Maybe they know the rangers. They are also the least of the rangers concern considering some of the imbeciles that show up there.

Miuk, tannerite is nothing new out there. If you have it in yourself, please educate the shooters next time you see people use it and that they could find themselves in a hell of a lot of trouble.

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