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Went there yesterday 01-01-14 at around 0730. Drove in farther to get a good spot. People started rolling in around 0900-0930.

One guy parked his truck on the makeshift "road" behind us and setup a target at our 7-8 o'clock position around 50 yards away. My brother walked over and had a talk with him and explained that it wasn't safe because in essence he was shooting from behind although not directly. He said he wouldn't sweep us and he was only shooting .22's..... smh

Around 1000 another truck came in and setup where they guys target was but he had already packed up. These guys setup their targets at our 9 o'clock position immediately to our left 50 yards away so they were still behind the firing line. We watched them for a little bit, shot a little more, packed up and left after my brother saw a ricochet kick up dirt 20 yards away.

It's amazing how people don't understand the concept of a firing line. I've been to hodge in the past and here most recently and I've never had this issue. People come and line up their firing line along with everyone else's. Cease fire when someone is walking out as a courtesy even when they're far away. Disappointing but I guess it can't always be sunshine, rainbows, and Care Bears.