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I'm amazed nobody's said it yet, but for those looking for singular middle pieces to cut - why not just buy the 3 pack anyway and cut each one differently? I'd imagine you all have safes that the guns sit in most of the time anyway - why not cut 3 different middles for when you want to hit the range? 1 case, 3 different configurations.

Version 1: Rifle / Pistol
Cut for 1x AR + 1x Sidearm + X amount of mags for each

Version 2: Rifle / Rifle
Cut for 2x ARs + mags + accessories

Version 3: _________? (hunting perhaps?)
Cut for 1x AR lower + 2x AR uppers (18" w/ scope, 14.5" w/ red dot? .22lr upper + 5.56 upper? 5.56 + 7.62x39?) + sidearm + extra mags.

Version 4: Pistol / Pistol / Pistol
Cut for 1x AR pistol + 2-3x other pistols.

I dunno just a thought.
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