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Silver and gold are a commodity and are traded as such. It is and always been a violate market. The last rise of silver was caused by speculators betting on the rise with 10 % leverage. The market changed the rule and made them put 50% to leverage and it took all the speculators and pressure off the market and it fell accordingly.

The commodities market is not for Joe average to be playing with his money, too many huge players that manipulate the market and make their money on the rise and fall that they control.

For SHTF I would be putting away silver coin as small as you can get it so people can break it down and make change. 1 oz coin or bullion would be okay depending of the worth of a ounce of silver when things go to heck.

If you take a look at the places that have had war and social break down the first thing they spent was gold and silver and they bought ammo and food at huge prices.

Fill your basket now with lots of different eggs gentlemen.

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