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Originally Posted by 2112 View Post
Why wasn’t the June low in gold at the $1,170 level and silver at the $18.22 final lows? In short, because neither metal hit their major long-term support levels precisely on cue. They came close, but not quite close
Gold and silver should move lower into the week of Sept. 23, with Sept. 26 being the target day for the major low .
You can see what the cycles show in this chart here. It highlights the most probable timing based on an analysis of over 1 billion different permutations of 12 years of gold data, or 3,060 daily data points
With all due respect, I'm sure your efforts have been tireless and exact but these markets have a history of manipulation and in that, I don't believe many formula would work exactly. Close is close enough, the gold is gone and paper selling now is met with tremendous physical purchases.

We may in fact see a separation in the paper and physical markets which could easily give you $1100 gold, because paper gold is worth zip.

Given this weeks fiasco with Syria, I would bet both Russia and China accelerate their Gold reserve purchases. Both Gold/Silver have made 20% plus gains off their lows, we are in a bull trend of the 20 year bull trend in metals. We are only 12 years in.
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