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Thank you to the J&R staff for addressing this, I'm sorry for neglecting this thread since the posting of it. I'm disappointed to hear that the lower was assembled so poorly as I purchased it assembled by the manufacturer and could not have been aware there were these issues. I slapped an upper on a lower with a new stock and rail system, that's it. It proceeded to function and fire accurately out to 75 yards which is all I asked it to do until I became disenchanted with the platform and realized my bolt was not staying back. Then I took it in where I was treated like the village fool and insulted in front of my wife. And though I agree that the J&R reply isn't much of an apology, I appreciate Ian coming here to let me know what the exact issues were and the work he did to fix them.
I further appreciate the support of those who have had similar as well as different experiences here. Like I said in the original post, I'd had indifferent to friendly interactions up until that day. I wrestled with my desire to give the benefit of the doubt and my desire to write hateful reviews all over the internet because of one terrible interaction. So I came here first to try and satisfy both sides of me, HA!

I have yet to receive a call from staff letting me know if they wanted me to take the rifle back or were able to sell it. If there is any other resolution needed in this matter, please feel free to PM me (you also have all my contact info) and we can settle this in a less public forum.

Thank you all for your contributions to this thread. I will gladly post a follow up when all is said and done.