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Originally Posted by Merc1138 View Post
You can use 50 round capacity magazines with rimfire rifles in CA, there is no law preventing that. Getting a magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds is a different issue.

CA's AW laws do not apply to rimfire rifles. All you have to do is meet federal barrel length(16"), and CA OAL(26" from it's shortest fireable configuration).

The ranger complaining about the SKS and 870 was indeed an idiot.
This is a 10/22 Tactical-specific question: If the barrel is threaded (as on the 10/22 Tactical), between what two points is the "measurement" taken to arrive at the 16" minimum length?

A) Is it from the very end of muzzle brake to the "front" of the receiver?

B) Is it from the very beginning of the threads on the muzzle end of the barrel (where the brake screws onto) to the front of the receiver?

C) Is it from the very end of the threads on the muzzle end (where the brake mates up to the non-threaded part of the barrel) to the front of the receiver?

D) Is it "A" to the breechface?

E) Is it "B" to the breechface?

F) Is it "C" to the breechface?

Since a bullet exits through the threaded part of a barrel that is "shrouded" by a brake, I'm going to assume that the threaded portion of a barrel at the muzzle end is still part of "the barrel", albeit modified for a brake/suppressor/flash-hider/etc.

I think a definitive clarification of how/where the barrel of a firearm is measured per DOJ specs would help folks in California (and elsewhere) if/when they shop for folding/collapsible stocks to modify their 10/22s...and are able to discharge a round in its folded/collapsed configuration while adhering to the legal minimum of 26" in an operational configuration.
I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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