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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
Awesome! Better late than never!

The problem is that if some of these bills pass, the 22 will be in the same boat.
Like the dust cover above states, "Join or Die." The time is NOW that we all need to unite and gather everyone we know who values their rights as lawful gun owners in this messed up state to stand up and make their voices heard. We defeated douchebag Yee the first time around (SB249), lets make sure we let the people that are supposed to be representing us that LEGAL action will be sought if they attempt to pass any of these unconstitutional laws that they are proposing!

Forget "We won't vote for you again." "We will sue you in to the poverty and crime-ridden areas you have helped create" would be a better alternative.

United, WE will have the last laugh.

"Recall looms for gun control backers in CA" How great would that headline be?

I would love to see Feinstein/Boxer/Pelosi/Yee/"Moonbeam" standing in line at a homeless shelter....
"Why don't all you crazy gun nuts take your guns and go start your own pro-gun country somewhere?"

"We DID!! Who the **** invited you??"
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