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Yes I reload. 175SMK 44g varget in BH (win) brass.

Yes it concerns me it's overworking my brass because the the headspace was too long, allowing the brass to stretch too far, and with a LARGER expanded case, pressure drops. I do full length resize after every firing. That stretch and crush of the case has likely worn the brass significantly more than it should have.

If I was after a higher pressure, more powder capacity, more vel, I'd shoot a 260 or 243. I prefer the long barrel life of the 308. So even when I do wear out this barrel, I'll probably stick with 308.

How was I to know it was OUT OF SPEC from the factory? I dont own go/no go gauges. That was the first time it was checked. Wouldnt anyone *ASSUME* their rifle was within tolerance from the factory? And be upset to found it it wasnt? Not that it's 'fine' out of spec like you claim. It isnt fine- thats why there are specs to begin with, and if it is NOT in spec, it is NOT fine.

Replacing a 308 barrel at sub 2000 rounds is truely a waste of money. Clearly you have excess money to spend on rifles if you do this..... *AND* since this is the "precision rifle forum", almost no one else here shoots a savage. So.... with all this excess money you apparently have with all these extra barrels, why do you shoot a savage instead of a custom action, or AI, or TRG, custom 700?

I shoot a savage because I'm on a budget.

When I have funds, I will go to a 700 based custom action. Probably a Tac 30. so this is my first and probably last savage.

Now explain to me again why a guy with *some tools* but not all necessary tools, (go/nogo gauges) who unsafely swaps barrels should try and convince a guy to do the same?

Oh, thats right.... you like to 'tinker'... like a shadetree mechanic... or as often called "Do it *to* yourselfers".

But lastly, I can honestly say, that I do not respect your opinion (because of your unsafe practices that you actually tell others they should do the same), and could care less what you think.

I'm out.
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