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....So... Now we're talking $115 + shipping.. $130....

Your math is good but you didn't mention that once you have the tools you can use them on more than one gun or at the range on multiple guns or loan them to friends and thety rareky wear out.

I use all kinds of tools for work and for hobbies. I have tens and tens of thousands in tools. I learned a very long time ago to never loan them to ANYONE. They have a tendency of not being returned. And... why would I need the tools for multiple guns? I only have one savage, and eventually, when I buy another bolt action, it's highly unlikely to be another savage. Why would I use the tools at the range? Because it's fun to rezero a scope every range trip?

Randall found my headspace was out of tolerance from the factory.... by people that assemble them day in day out for a living...

And yet you shot the gun for four years with it all messed up and no complaints if I am reading this correctly?

And I should trust a sized case and a click to be dead nuts?
If its been working for years now and was out of spec that entire time as you posted earlier YES!

NO! It's out of spec, and it overworks the brass, and it lowers pressure meaning my rounds are slow. And if you want to say "it's fine"... It the clear and obvious point that you should not be working on guns.

I'm afraid I'd have to pass. It make work fine for you. But I'll pass.
Your choice.

I am curious what a third party would measure on your rifle though.
I am curious as well.

I work over my own triggers, do my own action and scope base bedding, heck, you should see what I did to that factory tupperware stock.... woodblocks, bondo and 4+ layers of fiberglass... Worked over my 1911 myself too.
You work over your own triggers but with the proper tools you wouldn't put a barrel on a Savage

In this case, I had Randall install the muzzle brake. When I rebarrel, He will move the brake over to my new barrel, as well as headspace it.
No comment

Costs less than the tools including go/no go and shipping. I wont need to mess with it for nearly a decade. I'd misplace those tools in ten years.

Lastly, "guys that shoot alot....." Well, depends on the cartridge for one..... I shoot a 308 which should have an accurate barrel life of 6,000 + rounds. I takes a while to wear one out.
If someone shoots a 243 with a whopping 2,000 round barrel life, going through a barrel or even 2 per year, Consider the cost of the ammo, the cost of the barrels, in the first place..... those people have money to burn anyway. It wouldnt matter much if they bought the tools, (IF THEY KNEW HOW TO PROPERLY USE THEM WITH GAUGES) or pay a smith to do the barrel swap anyway- Such people usually arent shooting a savage in the first place, and require a smiths services. I'm pretty much the only competitor that shoots a savage at our competitions

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