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Penny's Dad, Turners and all the other volunteers. I want to thank you all for the great time I had on Sunday volunteering my time to help new or inexperienced shooters enjoy the day. Two of the best memories from the day were a 7 year old little girl and a 2 year old little boy.

The 7 year old little girl was very affraid to shoot the gun so I took an extra minute or two to explain how the gun worked, the size of the round and some basic safety. She was still scared when she fired her first round and by the end of her first magazine she had a little smile. By the end of her second magazine she had a definite grin. She ended up coming back 2 more times and was really having fun shooting. Mom and Dad looked very happy too.

The 2 year old little boy was too young to really explain what was going on but I still took the time to show him a few little things. When it was time to shoot he squeezed the trigger as hard as he could but his little hands just didnt have the strength. Worried he wouldn't be able to fire the rifle I quickly came up with a solution and stuck my finger through the trigger guard and had him pull it to fire the rifle. He looked a little shocked when the rifle fired but by the end of his second magazine he had a little smile.

One thing I tried to do with many of the young shooters was to have them turn in their chair facing the parent corral so that mom or dad could get a quick picture after they were done shooting.

This is the second time I have volunteered as range staff under the guidance of Penny's Dad and it just keeps getting better.

Oh and if Turners is interested in selling one of those 10/22's I might be interested in buying one for my youngest son.

Some people will do skanky things for $25, and not all those people are crack whores.

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