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ohh now im stupid. bet im a racist too.. yep you sound that lame. those paths are not the firing line. they are near the clays but not in the firing line.

point is yes id take a kid to this gun range on the same path. the kid here wasnt taken on the firing line but on the walk way paths to the rifle range. our original poster was economical with the truth and didnt state this father wasnt on the firing line. which is a whole other discussion.

Id have ear and eye protection on my kid just as i would myself. no i wouldnt put my kid on the firing line or the bench behind it. I wouldnt bring my toddler and shoot. you cant watch what you are doing, what others are doing and your kid at the same time.

I challenge you to promote safety and gun ownership and safe handling more than i have. having a patch and a shopping list doesnt mean safety. I can see you indiscriminently shoot off your mouth with out knowing who or what is stupid.

tell you what, ill treat you to a range day or night at ot. ill even throw some ammo to you and youll see just how stupid i aint. hell, even bring yer chinese sks i have range safe 762x39.

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