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Originally Posted by onegtalon View Post
Addax, thanks. I'll play around with them later. I don't like to sand down my mags and it's funny how i got 8 of them Pmags at different times but the non-modified ones all get stuck in 2 out of 6 lowers (80% build or not)..grrr (diff lowers, all tolerance stack up issues, unavoidable IMO, engineer by trade)

Since this lower is going to be on the shelf until I get a cool matching upper (cough "hint hint" cough) I'm not planning to use or sell it anytime soon... I know about the sanding the mags part, I just kinda wish the magwell of all manf were opened up a little but as you and I know it's a tolerance stackup + mag issue. Just a little annoying.. And u need to build to print.

Just wanted to know if anyone else out there had issues...

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Yes, we do manufacture to print, which means that USGI steel/aluminum magazines work just fine in the magwell as designed.

Pmags were desgined to fit just a little tighter in the magwell to help keep dirt and debris out of the action, and to reduce magazine play vs. USGI mags.

Most of the time Pmags are good to go, but sometimes you might get one or several Pmags that are running a little bigger than normal, and you get the tighter fit in the magwell and of course you get tolerance stacking.

We just read a thread on another forum that someone was having tight fit issues with their Colt and SIG AR's and several of their Pmags.

We will update everyone once we have the materials in to make new upper recievers.

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