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Originally Posted by onegtalon View Post
Anyone try 10/20rnd gen 2 pmags in the magwell? I just tried my lower from this buy and the mags get stuck. One of my pet peves..

The lower is not assembled, its stripped of all parts. I was just checking if mags would drop free and they don't unless I use metal mags...and the pmags take ALOT of force to get them free.

Addax please advise. (I'm aware of the Pmag "file or sanding" to make them fit but I really shy away from that if possible....). I had an issue with TM awhile ago and they had to re-broach my lower..(they admitted to thier problem, small amount of serial numbers when I got mine)

Anyway looking for any advise and thanks in advance!!!!

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Hello OneGtalon,

We have seen and experienced fitting issues with a small batch of 10/20 Gen 2 Pmags we sold last year in several different manufacturers AR15's. We ended up swapping out the magazines, and the problem was solved.

There have been several reports on line on several forums of some owners experiencing the same tight fitting issue with Gen 2 Pmags in some mfg's AR15's. Sometimes Pmags are slightly larger than others and this causes some tight fitting with various AR15 lowers, which is why some folks end up sanding their Pmags a little to make them easier to insert and remove.

The fact that steel magazines fit just fine in your lower leads us to believe your particular 10/20 Pmags might be slightly bigger than normal, and this is creating the tight fit situation with these particular magazines and your lower receiver.

Quick Tips:

Try different Pmags like 10/30 pmags, and see if you encounter the same situation.

Also, use some gun oil in the mag well. The anodizing might just be thick and the anodizing needs to be broken in. It might take a little time to break in but sometimes this does the trick.

Email us at if you have further questions or concerns after trying our tips.

Rest assured, if our lower is the issue we will take care of it.

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