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Originally Posted by leadchucker View Post

And you know this how? Did you have your saliva tested before slobbering on baby's binky and sticking it back in his mouth? There a quite a few illnesses with which you can be contagious before symptoms appear, some of which can even prove fatal to an infant. If my baby was addicted to a pacifier, I would wait until I could wash it properly- baby will survive without it for a while. I'm sure now you're glad I let you know about the risk. I could just MYOB, but I am letting you know beforehand because I am not a callous A-hole
Kids who sucked on pacifier cleaned by their parents' spit were less likely to develop allergies than babies whose pacifiers were rinsed in water.

The study found that harmless bacteria transferred via pacifier from a parent’s mouth to their child's actually stimulated their immune system, helping the child build defenses to allergies.

"There is the theory that maybe we’re keeping our kids a little too clean, so we’re seeing more allergies," said Dr. Ronald Ferdman, a practicing pediatrician specializing in immunology and allergy at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

The scientists looked at the pacifier-cleaning tactics of 184 infants and their parents, and swabbed the babies’ mouths starting at 4 months old.
Originally Posted by carlosdanger View Post
Dude give it up. The election is was months ago. Hillary is toast. Her political career is over.

Or do you just hate her so much you can't let go?

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