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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
Lets see, people are going to feed dogs poison with food and people are starving, hence the reason for a attack. Hey honey, there is someone outside the fence trying to feed the dogs. What fantasy world do people live in.

My dogs bark at everyone that ain't family. They are particularity nasty when in comes to strangers and the in-laws. The latter may be my fault.

If coyotes can't sneak up on my dogs, no person is.
I never said they had to "sneak up" or even come in daylight. You might hear them but all they gotta do is get the poison over your fence and run away. The dogs will eat it later. Or would you go out and do a full perimeter sweep at zero-dark-thirty as the dogs are still barking to find it?

Obviously not something a loose starving mob would employ but even a semi-organized group would have some food to spare for this since they are planning on resupplying at your house in the near future.
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