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Originally Posted by BCDavis View Post
OK, the OP wants to defend their house. They don't want to run away. It seems to me, that the main thing they would want, is a place to shoot from, that is bulletproof. You don't want to be inside the house shooting out of the windows, if it's only wood or stucco walls. Nor do you want to stay inside, and wait for them to come get you. Sure, you will kill the first one through the door, but they might just riddle your house full of holes, before they ever come inside. Or they might toss molotov cocktails into your house. At that point, you don't even have the chance to try to escape, because you are surrounded. My suggestion about digging out trenches or bunkers, is because it's cheap, and they could be very close to the house. I am not talking about giant, WW2 trenches. I am talking about maybe 4 very simple bunkers, around all 4 corners of the house, that would be hidden. Potentially with tunnels between them. That way you could move to different ones, depending on where the enemy is located. If you have multiple family members, they could be shooting from all 4 bunkers, providing good crossfire. I think 4 people, shooting from sheltered bunkers, would make most people want to leave, and go find an easier house to invade. Bunkers could be almost totally concealed, with bushes, flowers, etc, and could look totally normal. And as I suggested, you could get them dug out fairly cheaply, in one weekend, using a backhoe. Then over the next few months, you could reinforce them with cinder blocks, concrete, sump pumps, etc. But you are essentially using the dirt as your barrier to bullets. That is much easier and cheaper than steel plates in the walls of your house, and probably more effective. Dirt can stop even big, high-velocity rounds.
The problem is that unlike a military unit (or even possibly a larger civilian group) with enough people to provide guards 24/7 in those bunkers, the OP stated there were roughly TWO people able to defend each house in his area of concern. Such numbers are totally incapable of giving any advance warning of anything but the most clumsy daytime attacks. So absent a watch the most likely scenarios would be an ambush attack in the early morning when people are just getting started on the day and stepping outside or possibly a late night assault when people are asleep. In either, there would be no time to man any bunkers and the house itself would need to be the defensive position. Hence my suggestion to harden it.

The steel plate was just one possible (albeit expensive) way to reinforce the house for this and the other end of the spectrum was the dirt filled planters (3' high and 3' deep?) completely surrounding the house. The planters could even be filled part way up with reinforced concrete to harden them even more. Which would also act as a barrier to anyone trying to crash a vehicle through a wall to gain access.
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