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....So... Now we're talking $115 + shipping.. $130....

Randall found my headspace was out of tolerance from the factory.... by people that assemble them day in day out for a living...

And I should trust a sized case and a click to be dead nuts?

I'm afraid I'd have to pass. It make work fine for you. But I'll pass.

I am curious what a third party would measure on your rifle though.

I work over my own triggers, do my own action and scope base bedding, heck, you should see what I did to that factory tupperware stock.... woodblocks, bondo and 4+ layers of fiberglass... Worked over my 1911 myself too.

In this case, I had Randall install the muzzle brake. When I rebarrel, He will move the brake over to my new barrel, as well as headspace it.

Costs less than the tools including go/no go and shipping. I wont need to mess with it for nearly a decade. I'd misplace those tools in ten years.
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