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Originally Posted by SILENT GUNMAN View Post
I use a .270 for deer. That being said my next rifle will be a scoped 30-30 with see through rings. In my experience iron sights are better at under 100 yards. The see through rings make it so you can use a scope for a long range shot but still be able to use the rifles iron sights if you stumble across a buck at close range. Nothing worse than missing a 20 yard shot because you can only use the scope and you didn't compensate enough for such close range.
I used the see through rings a long time ago they don't really work that great. I like a gun I can shoulder with my eyes closed and be in the right spot to see the sight every time. With the see through rings your scope is too high when you shoulder the gun and when your using the open sights its just not that open. If your concern is finding game in a scope at close range get a 1or 2 on the low end of the scope.
I have no problem with 20yds and finding game in the scope when dialed down to 3. My fist Cali boar was a 25yds shot. The scope was set on 9 power found his ears and let him have it. From then on my scope starts on the lowest power if I find an animal far away I have more time to get the shot so I start turning it up as i find my rest.
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