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Originally Posted by leadchucker View Post
I wouldn't trust the Federal Center for Disease Control to be truthful and unbiased where a liberal political agenda is remotely involved- as in the issue of lead.
I'm with you Leadchucker. People today are raising a bunch of asmatic ADHD fatbodies... Never leave the house, drink soda all day...
I grew up eating lead shot in game, and chewed on lead .177 pellets when we were shooting our air guns (all the time) in my youth.
The amount of airbourne lead exposure at an open air range has got to be ridiculously small.
As for the noise, I'd be more careful about that.

I took my Lab, when he was a puppy, to a trapshooting club to get him acclimated to gunfire. I only got as close as I felt comfortable without my muffs. Worked like a charm. Puppy went from terrified to ho-hum in 5 minutes, then went home. He was retrieving Doves in the field before he was 6mo old. Best dog/friend I ever had. Had to put him to sleep at 13yo this week due to degenerative myelopathy.
Don't ask how many guns I own, I lost count.
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