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Originally Posted by Gabriel80 View Post
Calm down.
Quite making things up just to try to defend your foolish position.

The OP asked about navigation training in the SoCal area, WTC and the Sierra Club is a very reasonable option. You trolled this thread about primitive survival skills. Nobody was talking about bivouacs or doomsday prepping.
WTC is good training as long as you understand the dangerous attitude that they try to teach to people, which you have shown has worked on you.

It is another lie from you that it is a troll, nor was I talking about bivouacs or doomsday prepping. I quoted you a WTC statement in which they said that you don't need survival skills if you take their course, which is completely false.

The joshua tree trip is a combination exercise in navigation, backpacking, and rock scrambling, now goodbye. Try spending your energy in building something positive instead of being Mr. Negative.
Really? You do the nav AND do the backpacking? You don't camp at the group site?

You are a fool if you think that I am being Mr. Negative. That is really just a personal attack because you have nothing else. I am pointing out a dangerous attitude which can cause serious problems and perhaps death. Your own words confirm that.

I am spending my energy in doing something positive, which is to ensure that people understand reality and don't just buy into the Cult mentality. Clearly, you have drunk the koolaid.

As I said, WTC teaches some good skills, but it is not all that they claim it is and the attitude is dangerous. I do see that you don't want to address your own statements :-).
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