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Originally Posted by Gabriel80 View Post
You mad bro?
No, not at all. I have a serious concern that the attitude that you learned could get people killed. You really should give quite a bit of thought to what you said and realize that if you really believe this, that you have a serious problem:

The concepts are if you know how to navigate and ALWAYS CARRY THE 10 ESSENTIALS of hiking, you will never be lost or at risk to die.
Address this. You will NEVER be lost or at risk to die if you carry the 10 essentials? Really? Do you realize just how foolish such an attitude is? Do you really need to be told all of the things that can go wrong?

Do you really need stories of real life where things happened and the person did not survive because they did not have simple survival skills? Oh, I know, a bear will never destroy your camp when you on a day hike. Do you know of anyone who has died in the wilderness?

You could address the other issues I raised, but I suspect you have nothing, which is why you responded how you did.

Oh, with respect to Jtree, was that just the Nav training? Or was it a backpack?
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