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lol. That $ was going to kill you if it sat in your pocket any longer eh? "Poison the blood stream!"

Anyways since you've been in the military you probably know about good footwear as that's probably the most important piece of hunting equipment a person can own.

I urge you to start hitting the research (reading, online, googe maps, topo maps,) and then get some boot leather to the ground scouting this summer so you have a good idea of places to go this coming season. Have more than one b/c inevitably some yahoo will wreck one or more of them.
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Giving lewdogg21 advice on hunting. Thatís like David Hogg giving advice to the NRA.
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Disagree. Been trying to teach lewdogg21 how to hunt. It's like trying to teach Steve Wonder how to see. Not sure we're ever going to get there.
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