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Originally Posted by D.carden View Post
Now that's funny...!!!.. You mean Ninja without a gun....!!!..Based on your reply on post #5, I'll assume you are LEO of some sort.???...Yes..???
Not at all. Just a CCW'er who uses competition to practice. For me its much better then anything else I can think of for this purpose. Sure it would be great to get in a gun fight if nobody dies but how is that possible? There are not ways to practice the "real thing" so we all have our own idea of how to prepare. I see value in competition more then I do class style settings. If I had unlimited money perhaps I would just take classes but I feel what they can offer is very limited in terms of whats needed in gun handling. IE... you have to practice what you learned and not just keep taking classes.

I do have a friend in high belt karate and my kid is in it. I would love to enroll and learn things but dont have time to do it all. If I had no ccw I am sure I would make that my skill set.

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