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IMHO, it's the vendors right to deal with our State's crazy laws or not. I still buy merchandise from mail order companies if they have something I'm looking for at the right price. If they have something that they won't sell due to my current home in CA, so be it. I'll just find another vendor online or in person.

I think we should focus on voting out the gun grabbers, donate to CGF, NRA, SAF, GOA and other pro 2A groups who will fight the hard legal battles in our courts at all levels of government.

If you still want to boycott a company, boycott the anti 2A supporters like Kenneth Cole, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Levi's, Sara Lee, Hallmark Cards, Time-Warner, Sprint and many others found here.
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"Every tyrant in history has known you can't control an armed population. That is why Hitler, Stalin and Mao were strongly against an armed citizenry, while George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were for it." - B. Wentzel, AZ.
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