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Originally Posted by Gabriel80 View Post
I think you're misguided, and I speak from first hand experience, because I just finished the course.
Actually, you are misguided and you missed the point. WTC does not replace the need for survival skills, which is what they said it did.

First off, it's a BASIC MOUNTAINEERING course, it's not a survival class, they won't teach you to make fire with a wood bow, that's not even a confusion. You won't fix a shelter with palm leaves or anything like that.
They teach you how to summit mountains and backpack, basically how to TRAVEL in the wilderness, in ALL climates and terrain.
You missed the point. To be quite honest, it seems like those who have taken WTC act like cult members. Yes, there are good aspects, but it is not the end all.

They do teach you to love Goretex :-).

Second, they absolutely teach desert travel, because our class did an experience trip to Joshua Tree, which is a dry camp.
Perhaps that is something new since they did not used to do that. I have seen graduates from WTC not know much about desert trips.

Nothing is perfect, it's not the military either, sure if you want to be lazy and not follow the curriculum or be an idiot, you can still pass. You only cheat yourself.
Actually, that presents a bigger problem. People say that they had taken WTC to show that they know something, but you say they can be lazy, not follow the curriculum and be an idiot and still pass. Then when you say that you had taken and passed WTC, other leaders think that it means something when it doesn't. They should only graduate those who really pass the course.

The emphasis of the course is SAFETY in the wilderness, so you don't "fall don't fall down a canyon" like the scenario you gave. That story is missing something.
That is funny, but it shows that you can't read. First off, accidents happens and you are never going to stop that, so you should be able to deal with it. Read what I said, I never said that they fell down a canyon. What is missing is your ability to read.

The concepts are if you know how to navigate and ALWAYS CARRY THE 10 ESSENTIALS of hiking, you will never be lost or at risk to die.
That is a very bad attitude to have as it is completely false. This is part of the problem I see with WTC. No matter what you do, things can happen and you need to be able to deal with it.

Things happen in the real world.

If you act right, you will be prepared. They ingrain the tools required to bring everywhere you go, the survival tools will not be able to be improvised in case of a biouvac.

Take it or leave it, makes no difference to me. However, I strongly disagree with your statement because you have not taken the class. If you took it, and hated it, I would respect your opinion. You are also giving false information about what the curriculum is.
You can disagree all you want, but you also don't know what I know. I am not giving any false information as it is based on my experience on what I have personally seen with WTC students which caused problems due to the attitude you expressed.You should respect the truth instead of just being a good cult member.

I have heard false information from WTC instructors as well.

It is not about hating it, but it is about teaching an attitude which is extremely dangerous and you supported that by your own words.
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