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Originally Posted by PassTheAmmo View Post
I may be paranoid, but I have a brand new baby and I won't even hold her after I get home from the range. I want to decontaminate first and get the lead off. Kids supposedly absorb lead much faster than adults. There is a great article about it on IIRC.

I take my boys to the range but only outdoors. Not to an indoor facility. If they are there, I'm not shooting at all. I'm 100% dedicated to whichever boy is shooting. I feel like they are old enough to be there when they can take it seriously (safety), stop on a dime (safety), fit into eyes and ears properly (safety), and can refrain from putting their fingers and other objects in their mouths (safety/lead poisoning). There is a trend there.
Good on you, we need more responsible gun owners/parents like you.

Originally Posted by njineermike View Post
Oak Tree is an OUTDOOR rifle range.

Are you the type that walks up to a parent at McDonalds and stops them from feeding the kid french fries?
I remember watching that video from China a few months ago where a young child got hit by a vehicle and was laying on the ground hurt while many people just walked by her. You sound like you would do the same thing.