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Originally Posted by negolien View Post
LOFL I haven't been in this thread for a while so.. But yes the Videos being refered to show the facts /shrug. Not sure how the trolling thread crappers can argue with the obvious video evidance. Like most trolls factual information doesn't stop them from trolling.

Video one

1. That birdshot will go thru one complete wall and stop in the 2nd
2. That buckshot will not only go thru one wall but 4 and a backstop

Video two. about 6:30 in the video

1. That birdshot at 20 feet will absolutely 100% go thru a sternum and cause MASSIVE penetration and damage.

But you go ahead and deny facts /shrug whatever makes your troll justified in your mind lol.

Now...if we can only get the BG to square up at 20'.

Your facts are useless. A .22LR will travel a mile too...but no one suggests targeting a mile away with a .22.

It always amazes me that birdshot hits the BG square in the chest, while buckshot is a clean miss killing a child 5 houses down.

No problem. Use whatever you want. it's you and your family. Just stop trying to convince others with your irrational rationalizations.
Dems are better at corruption cuz they have so much practice.


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