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Originally Posted by nbirnbaum2 View Post
You cant legally make a pistol from an ar lower as they are all listed as a rifle on the paperwork. I checked... you have to buy an ar pistol listed as a pistol for DROS

I have even tried to ppt myself a lower to switch to pistol... no go... armorer wont touch it.. I am NOT a lawyer.. I dont give legal advice.
Good, and nobody should take your advice because you clearly don't have a complete understanding of the law.

Originally Posted by crob View Post
I believe because once a rifle, always a rifle. If originally DROS'd as a rifle, it's a rifle, even if you never built it up as such
Depends on how the receiver was DROSed when transferred. If you bought it as a pistol then the Feds say you can go from pistol to rifle then back to pistol again. There hasn't been a test case in CA yet but that is defensible as hell with that federal ruling to back you up.

Originally Posted by SonofWWIIDI View Post
Everyone who wishes to buy/build any type of govt controlled/regulated item, should first and foremost be aware of what the law is regarding such item. If you want to buy a parts kit for an upper that, if added to a lower would make it an illegal item, there are plenty of ways to find that out. Websites, and forums like calguns as an example. If you want to buy an entire rifle (SBR) the shop selling it needs to conform to the law, not ensure that you do (other than determination that you are not a prohibited person).

Yes it would be nice if they would inform people that in certain situations assembling some kits into an complete rifle, they could be breaking the law, but AFAIK there is no legal requirement to do so.

If push comes to shove, the DA will tell you that "ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break it."

This is the reason why I tell anybody who wants to play with black rifles to study the law like their freedom depends in it...because it does.
If a person is too lazy to heed my advice, then they're an idiot and maybe the CGF might be able to help. Ignorance is bliss until your arse is locked up do to your ignorance.

Originally Posted by nbirnbaum2 View Post
i just dislike getting calls from my uneducated friends trying to buy this stuff..There are a lot of ar noobs right now......

I have some 80% lowers just in cast SHTF
Give a man a fish, or teach them. You should't bare the burden of your freinds laziness. Will you bail them out of jail and pay for their lawyer?
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