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Blame the vendor. When was the last time anyone heard of the California DOJ going after a vendor in another state.

Can anyone on this forum give one example of the California DOJ going after an out of state vendor.

I just purchased an HK45c and went through several vendors until I found one willing to ship to CA. If a vendor were to ship a non-CA compliant gun to California all that would happen is the receiving store send it to the DOJ and you never see it again. That came directly from a gun store owner. He got pissed at me for wanting to ship a lower to his store. He basically said, he wouldn't accept it and would turn it into the DOJ.

You guys are defending vendors. Let's see what going to happen to prices when more and more vendors decide not to ship to CA.

I know several local gun stores don't like the Idea of Single Shot Exemptions because it means less sales for them.

****As a independent company an vendor has the right to do whatever they want, but why would you support them if in the end they don't support you****

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