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Originally Posted by G21Shooter View Post
Good to hear. I am a local, but have no interest what so ever in shooting at that place. WAY too many sketchy people(cholo gang banger POSs) go up there. Shooting is supposed to be enjoyable for me, not always looking over my shoulder and make sure I am not being muzzled.

I just don't feel comfortable shooting my $2500 AR next to a group of armed crazy cholos.
All I can say is "don't be lazy". I usually show up at sunrise and all of the cool people are there. We pick up debris, brass, shoot at our targets, have some great conversations and then leave before the crowds show up.

Not fun getting up an hour before sunrise on a weekend for me, but it has it's benefits. I would say 40% of the time, I have the range to myself and the other 60% of the time, just me and a couple of other nice people.
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