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Originally Posted by SandDiegoDuner View Post
Those aren't that clean... look at the inside you can clearly see carbon from the powder burn. Oh and skip the trimmer if you are only reloading pistol brass. Trimmers are not required for pistol cartridges like .45 ACP.
This is true, there are pics of shinier brass. My focus was the fact that my tumbler ran for 12+ hours and didn't die or overheat. Someone was talking crap about RCBS product quality and I thought this might shut them up.

Not sure why you mentioned trimming the cases...I didn't!

Originally Posted by patrickstarfish View Post
Really shiny. Can you update this if you see a spike in your electricity bill.

When I tumble my brass, I get a spike in my electricity bill. That's why I only tumble 90 mins per batch, clean, but not shiny.
Let's not go there. The day prior to asinine move, the wife was happy as all hell that we had managed to reduce our electricity consumption, thus dropping our bill dramatically.
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