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Originally Posted by dogfood View Post
Hi All,
I'm in the process of getting my hunting licence and plan on going for deer with a rifle.
My only centerfire rifle is a Swiss K31 but I have been thinking about a Marlin 336 in 30-30 for quite some time.
I have only ever hunted out in the northeast, where 30-30 is quite the solid deer round. K31/7.5x55 has greater range, accuracy, energy. Though the rifle is 2lb heavier.
In shorts there any material advantage that the 336 has over the K31?
(I imagine ammo selection/availability is one...for now at least)
Much obliged,
Naw go with a Modern Sporting Rifle(AR-15) in a deer caliber like 6.5MM Grendel. It will be fun, effective and annoy the hell out of your Liberal friends.
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