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Originally Posted by penguin0123 View Post
Believe me, I know the limitation of laptops. But when I meant "away from home", I mean hop on a flight "away from home". I go on trips somewhat frequently and am looking to take BF3 with me. Battery life isn't that huge a concern cuz I'll be in a hotel room anyway.

Thanks for the advice so far. I put i7 because that's what the M17X came with. I know performance-per-dollar wise, I should be putting $ into a GPU.

Let me know if you guys have more advice given the new definition of "away from home". Thanks.
Then I will update my answer from crazy thoughts to, you can possibly fit into my thesis.

Technology and the internet have made many people that use it into impatient "gotta have it NOW NOW NOW!" individuals. Look at the boston bomber footage when the cops were going door to door. WE gotta catch him NOW NOW NOW! WHY? He is a criminal now, he was a criminal yesterday and he will be a criminal tomorrow. Look at all of these people that have become texting ZOMBIES. Walking out in front of busses or cars and not paying attention. For WHAT? So they can continue their conversation uninterrupted with their chatty friends who will talk for 4 more hours but still have the attention span of a ferret on meth? CA passed a Stupid law that made it illegal to drive and talk on your cell phone or text essentially. Did it work? Nope. Now I see MORE of that crap. And we HATE people that do it too (women usually).

So what does this mean for you? When you go on a plane, I am sorry but gaming is not an option. If you want to play games then play cheap ones like Fusion the Sega everything emulator or MAME32 or keep the games simple. Then when you get back home you can relax, put on some headphones and blast the real games all night long on a decent system that was made for them. The answer here is just to wait. but of course, you and many others have an adjusted mentality from all of this technology and you are becoming a slave to it. Just put it down, get a laptop with a 500GB HD or bigger and load it up with e-books and READ while you are away. No harm there. Get a google nexus 7 like me and load it up with angrybirds and e-books. I am fast tracking myself into learning 8 languages, 4 Op systems and learning how to bypass firewalls... All while I am taking my gamma to physical therapy...

Sorry you might not like my answer, but maybe instead of GAMING you really should look for something different to do when you are away.
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