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I bought a Mosin from AIM and I enjoyed the transaction. Will do business with them again. Now Palmetto on the other hand......never again.

I think you see where this is going.

Deciding about who you do, and do not, do business with is very subjective. A dedicated thread that contains a list would never work because it would just turn into a bunch of posts from people saying they agree or don't agree with your list.

I think most of the problem with regard to not shipping/selling to CA (AIM Surplus in this case) is not knowing what the laws are. For instance, I live in Italy right now. If I offered to buy a gun from you, would you send it to me? I guessing but I think your answer would be, "I will not ship overseas" simply because you don't what the laws are and what is involved in the transaction. Even if I said, it's easy, all you have to do is fill out a customs form, make a few minor changes to the gun to make it legal, take it to a certain person for export, etc....It's just more trouble that it's worth.

I don't mean to stand up for these people but I can understand how they don't know what our laws are and don't want to deal with it especially right now with demand so high. AIM can easily sell their lowers locally and not have to deal with this CA crap.

Blame the politicians, not the vendors.

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