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Originally Posted by Anthraxian View Post
I will be happy to keep this list updated!

I am new to Calguns, I do not have an "original" name BTW.

My name is Dave, I live in Ventura county, California.

1) Aimsurplus will not ship perfectly legal lowers to California. I consider this "not supporting" my second amendment rights. I will not do business with them.

2) Bud's will not install Bullet-Buttons to make their offering California legal. This is a grey area to me. I won't boycott them just for this, but I do think that taking 5 minutes and charging me 50 bucks to install a bullet button seems like a good deal for THEM.

3) Cheaper than Dirt will not ship lowers to California. I will not do business with them.

I will update this thread every time I find a company that will not support Californians second amendment rights due to laziness or ignorance. If any of the companies change their policies, I will gladly do business with them.

I don't think we should support companies that don't support us even if they have GOOD DEALS sometimes. To me it is just a matter of principal.

your first and second post is bi***ing about places that will not go out of their way to coddle California.........guess what CA has some terrible laws, other places don't want those laws spreading so they cut us off. a out of state FFL has to register with the DOJ in order to ship a firearm into CA, manufacturers have to submit their handguns to be tested for safety. i understand why places don't want to jump through hoops for us when we were the ones who let it get like this. welcome to the real world.
best troll thread in calguns history

Originally Posted by waterfern View Post
Not at all. Trump is a loser and will lose amazingly on Tuesday. It's going to be so big, we are all going to be sick and tired of how much he loses on Tuesday.
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Nah, no sense in replying to the personal attacks/baiting.
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