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Originally Posted by nbirnbaum2 View Post
I already know vulcan/hesse/blackthorne is crap.
I wanted to make a video then use my amex to dispute and refuse the charge. Check out their response on my first set of questions.

I even said my intent was to build and SBR with a threaded barrel in CA and didnt want to pay the tax stamp. I was told it would be a nice setup.... Please stay away not only do they sell crap they will sell to stupid people and not tell them what they want is illegal. I hope ATF shuts down these jokers.

If the criminals ever found out about 80 percent lowers and jokers like this selling SBR kits with threaded barrels know illegal intent and supporting it anyway.... well that would be very bad

Warranty information/sales information

to sales
What is the standard warranty length on your products? I also would like to inquire if I order a 10.5 ar15 kit can I get it with a threaded barrel for use in California.

Thanks Nathan

to me
Complete text of warranty is on the website. 10.25 barrels come threaded, per description

Please see our entire line of products at WWW.BLACKTHORNEPRODUCTS.COM
You, sir, are an idiot.

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