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Originally Posted by Peter.Steele View Post
Depends on the laptop.

I ran an HP Pavilion DV7 with a 3-core Phenom II for a good long while with a lot of heavy Autodesk Inventor work. Did just fine. Right now I've got a Toshiba Satellite, and I run Inventor 2013 on it for a significant fraction of its up-time. It's been flawless for 18 months now, and looks to be good for at least another year. These are just standard consumer-grade laptops, nothing fancy, nothing mil-spec or anything.

Yes, my Toshiba - with an i7 2630QM - gets a little warm from time to time, but a cooling pad takes care of it quite nicely. It's had 18 months of some pretty heavy gaming (Assassin's Creed series, Batman Arkham series, quite a few other things as well) and a lot of heavy CAD work, and it's still chugging along just fine.

There's plenty of good reasons to have an i7, especially if you're working in graphics-related fields. I'm a professional CAD monkey, and I do a lot of rendering work. Rendering on an i7, with a total of 8 cores (if you've got hyperthreading enabled) is ridiculously good. And jesus, even if you're not doing rendering, why the hell wouldn't you want an i7, with prices where they're at? 18 months ago, I paid $650 at a local retail establishment for my laptop. It was new, not used or refurbished, with the i7, 8 GB, a discrete graphics card, and a 750 GB hard drive. I added a 256 GB SSD above that, but still, for the money ...
Yeah I could see using an 17 for CAD and similar work...8 cores with hyperthreading would be

Im only speaking from experience. Im not a hard core gamer and I dont run heavy graphic programs so Ive been able to get by on my i3 2100 with 8GB RAM (the i3 has hyperthreading too). I wouldnt knock an i7, I would just make sure that you are actually using it to its full potential and making sure it stays cool! Yeah Ive seen prices come down quite a bit on the i7's. I guess as long as Intel comes out with new generations of processors they get cheaper and cheaper

I dont know but for some reason Im fixated on the i5 series. But then again, an i7 would give me reason to buy a better heatsink I wouldnt mind having an i7 but for me It would be wasted My i3 barely gets used to its full potential and Ive been pleasantly surprised!
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