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Originally Posted by Stevod View Post
Last time I looked here, nobody had mentioned the mini-12 ga. shells made by Aquila. They're only 1-3/4in. so they won't cycle through autos or pumps, but if you have a break action 12 they might be the answer if you are really concerned about over penetration. I bought some but haven't tried them yet. MidwayUSA lists them and some customers have posted reviews there.
The mini buck shot may be small but it is sending the load still at 1250 feet per second just like any 2 3/4 round.They can be used in pumps the Win.1300 defender is said to feed them without any work.The 870 and the 500 need some tuning to have them feed.The advantage is you are able to get more rds in the tube.
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