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Originally Posted by gun fu View Post
I agree, I feel can only be learned though controlled experience, not read or studied in lecture .. Speed and accuracy is an acquired skill, through practice it becomes subconscious, ingrained. Hence, why I shoot competitively. One must have both, not one or the other.

Guys, what is the best way you practice/ develop this?
Especially we are dealing with firearms, we really can't "spar".

Short of enlisting into military or LE, what about these as possible solutions?
I dont think there are any solutions..... Any kind of training you involve yourself in will always have some sort of rules/safety/gear requirements no matter how aggressive, hence MMA. Those guys beat the hell out of each other, but they still have rules.... I could go on for ever...!!! Kinda hard to make a plan when you dont know what's coming at you, from where, and how many.... key word 'how many'....

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