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If you really want to build your own laptop there is a way to do it, which is how I have "built" the 3 I have. It helps if you don't need or want the latest laptop model. Anyway, here's what I did. I checked Dell's outlet site for models I was interested in and then went to eBay to see what motherboards and cases for those were available. I purchased bare motherboards, bare shells, and certain other components. For the motherboards, I went to AMD's site to find out what the fastest mobile CPU was that would work on the motherboards based on the specs from the original CPU that was installed. Ended up paying $15 for 3 2.1Ghz x64 mobile CPUs. So, now I have 3 laptops, all working. I have an HP that I'm putting together. Have everything except the laptop motherboard. Waiting for that to come down in price a bit.

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