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Originally Posted by waxer View Post
Shiny brass is great and all, but it doesn't make your rounds go bang any better. Nor does it make the bullet any more accurate. So don't go spending excessive dollars in search for that shine!! Just get it clean enough to reload, and spend more of your time at the range.
Whilst I do agree with the clean enough to reload, I can't help but think that have squeaky clean primer pockets would be advantageous during reloading especially with some of those primers that are harder and/or a bit tighter to seat.

I've noticed a difference between Remington and Winchester SRP when reloading RG 5.56 brass. The Remington are more difficult to seat than the Winchester. Having ultra clean primer pockets may make the Remington primers easier to seat ??

I'm still using a traditional tumbler, but considering moving to SS.
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