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There are downsides to laptop gaming. I used to be a big laptop gamer, but recently built a desktop and will use that for gaming and continue to upgrade it. Here's why:

I had an Asus g73. SSD, 8gigs ram, rad eon 5870 mobility GPU, i7, etc. I owned it for about 2 years without problem. It never got too hot and never had the overheating issues some did. Well about half a year later, it died. The GPU fried. I found out a replacement GPU was about 450 bucks. I only had a 2 year warranty from Asus so that was out of the question.

I ended up building a rig at this point. I5 3570k, 32 gigs ram, 120 SSD, and an EVGA GTX 560ti. I spent about 600 on the entire build. I already had hard drives and SSDs. Best part is all my components have at least a 5 year warranty. My GPU has a lifetime warranty ( got it just before they switched to limited warranty). So far it plays all my games BETTER than my old laptop. Higher resolution, etc. (I play mostly bf3) best part, the CPU and GPU have yet to get over 60C. Most the time I play bf3, my GPU is at 45 and CPU at 40. In a gaming laptop, they REGULARLY get up to around 80C. If you do a lot of gaming, unfortunately a laptop will just cook your internal components. Plus as I found out, you cannot upgrade without serious modifications and expense. Guys have found ways to use newer GPUs in older laptops, but those GPUs cost 600-800 dollars versus the drop in 400 dollar desktop counterpart.

Just my .02! Good luck! If you are bent on a gaming laptop, Sager, MSI, and Asus make great affordable rigs. Alienware is also excellent, but I found it to be much more expensive. Just whatever you get, make sure it has an excellent cooling system. Most desktop GPUs use fans in addition to a heat sync. Laptops only get the heat sync. A cooling pad and good ventilation is a must.

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