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While WTC has good aspects, there are also issues with it. You can learn a lot, but don't think that you know more than you do, which has been an issue with some students. For example, they also don't teach desert backpacking, which, due to water issues, is different and that can cause some serious problems.

One quote that really showed an issue with WTC is when they has a question and answer format to advertise the class and the question was whether they taught survival skills. The response was that they teach things so that you don't need survival skills. This is extremely stupid and shortsighted. Things happen, such as some people I know were backpacking, stopped and took a break, but their packs fell down a canyon. It took them a day to recover their packs, so they needed to survive until then. Things happen, so no matter what you know, survival skills are needed if you go out into the wilderness (or anywhere else for that matter).

Also, I have seen WTC pass fellow WTC members on Nav checkoffs and the person is not qualified. The attitude should be whether you are comfortable with that person taking people out and not getting them lost and possibly killed, not that you are in the same "club" as them.

There are Nav training opportunities besides WTC.
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