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Originally Posted by olhunter View Post
Build it using what?

There are no generic laptop parts (other than hard drives) that universally fit like they would in a tower.

You might be able to swap out a CPU if you're lucky, but you're not going to build one from scratch.

You can get a pretty decent laptop with good specs and dedicated graphics for under a grand easy.

Building your own laptop is very similar to upgrading a tamiya grasshopper. You can get different tires and batteries, the rest of the stuff is stuck there.

You do not build your own laptop and there might be a place or two that will offer you your own pic-it-and-we-build-it service but that will cost a lot more.

It sounds like you need to face the truth. Laptops are NOT meant for GAMING. They are meant for business and schoolwork and business apps. They are NOT meant for CAD and they are NOT meant to rule the world. They might be able to HANDLE certain scenarios, but for this stuff like gaming you NEED a PC/Desktop/Tower. I am sorry but your FIRST part should be a Storm Scout or Corsair Vengeance case because they are meant to be portable.

I ran into this problem a long time ago and you know what I did? I took my plain old PC case to Aras Welding located past downtown riverside and had some biners and d-links welded to the side, plus I also had a cable bracket welded to the side and I spooled 50' of CAT5E cable on it and hung my mouse on it and on the other side my keyboard hung and I then went to a luggage shop and got a kit that you put on boxes that puts a handle on the top that is secured by nylon webbing. AND I carried a 17" KDS FS CRT on in one hand and my game system in the other hand and then when I went to lan parties I ruled because I was the only guy with a modded case. Then all these other jackasses started putting fairy lights all over their cases and called them mods... Yeah WTFE... THAT was a portable gaming case. I still have it. You want it for a cheap price? I also chopped out the front to accomodate twin 120mm fans.

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