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Ya, both have good skill building opportunities if only gun handling is what you're after. But they have weakness's also..... Competitors rehearse what they do. Start positions are predictable, gear is mostly of 'race' style..... Self defense folks practice 'operator' style with gear to match..... Neither are realistic in day-to-day living..... I've yet to see a video or class that simulates getting out of bed in your PJ's, or off the couch wearing flip flops and shorts with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other with a home invasion staring you in the face..... Basically, training (if it's possible) for the element of surprise..... Where's your gun??.. in the safe??... are you carrying??... Can you make a shot from your position without killing the kid next door in their room if you miss.... Building shooting skills is one thing, but the 'real deal' is another..... Either way, competition is good for the soul..!!!!

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