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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
As noted just below your post you can compare them. We like to use miltary and police style firearms and ammunition as well. Stopping a threat is #1.

Although it certainly is a lofty/thoughtful/intellectual exercise to worry about over penetration, it should not guide your decision. First of all, worry about practice, with practice, under stress, doing so one is much more likely to puts rounds on target. That helps stop a threat and also nearly eliminates the chance of any additional harm from over penetration. The relatively small reduction in over penetration from #4 buck compared to #1 or 00 just is not worth the reduced terminal ballistics. Certainly anything smaller than #4 buck is simply WRONG advice. #4 may be a reasonable compromise, but in my opinion the drawbacks are smaller than the gains.

Slugs are a entirely different game with regards to their penetration (massive to say the least). That being said slugs still can have a legitimate purpose in HD (engaging a target behind a wall or in some rare circumstances even in a vehicle).
Some good points in your rebuttal. My main point that stopping a threat is not my only priority. I want to defend not only my life, but also preserve my freedom. I try to take an "all of the above" approach... both elements are equally important to me.

Ultimately training wins out over ammo selection, but both are important.

Part of taking an "all of the above" approach is also seeing the value of slugs. I don't completely discount their use, but in my opinion they should be reserved for an outdoor situation only. My comments were more in regards to inside a dwelling. I do actually keep 5 slugs on a buttstock shell holder in case a target needs to be engaged outside or in a vehicle as you suggest, but I would never fire a slug inside the house unless I had no other option. 00 Buck has plenty of power to go through a wall if I need it to, or through furniture.
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