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Originally Posted by BCDavis View Post
What would I do today, in that situation? I'd rent a backhoe, and dig out trenches, and bunkers. Dirt is great at stopping bullets, and it doesn't cost anything. If you dig the bunker into the ground, it can be hidden. You can start with just digging, and add cinder block walls later, as your budget permits. I'd want several connected locations to shoot from.
I was thinking the same thing but then again, I don't think I would want to give bad guys a trench to sit in protected while I am in the homestead. They would likely flank me. So would you have the wall of the trench on the side away from the house? (Giving your team shelter but exposing anyone coming down the wall?) The other side sloped away from the homestead giving little protection from fire from the homestead.

Any other thoughts?
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