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+1 for City Arms in Pacifica. I've done several PPTs there, and never had a problem. I also buy most of my new guns there. They're always friendly, down to earth, and prices are reasonable.

+1 for Eddy's Shooting Sports in Mountain View. Small shop, very friendly owner. Did a PPT as the buyer a few days ago and it was a VERY smooth process.

-1 for Jackson Arms. It's a decent range, but I got turned down twice for a long gun PPT there because their safe was full. Very small selection of guns to buy if you're looking to buy new, and they can be standoffish unless you're a regular.

-1 for Reeds (the gun shop, not the range). A bunch of revolver-age dinosaurs who know very little about modern guns. Your mileage may vary.

-1 for Imbert & Smithers. Again, a bunch of revolver-age dinosaurs. They cater to elderly hunters and trap shooters. If you're under 50, don't bother. If you're not a hunter, don't bother. If you like "evil black rifles", definitely don't bother. Very standoffish and arrogant.
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